Company Information



Create new value in the commercial environment and lifestyle

True to our motto, “Each sunrise will bring new change,” the ONISI Group is celebrating its 91st anniversary this year, focusing on clothing and miscellaneous goods wholesaling alongside store fixtures, and shop design and construction related businesses.

The Corona pandemic has brought about major changes in people’s lifestyles, and our business has likewise been forced to undergo major changes.
However, as a distributor, we will continue to evolve constantly in order to provide products and services that are in line with people’s values.

To sketch out the face of ONISI Group for the next ten years and onwards, I believe it is important to have a vision that allows us to dream together with our employees.

“We will create new value in the commercial environment and lifestyle sectors and contribute to the enhancement of corporate value and quality of life.”This is our vision.

In the future, key values are shifting from a focus on “material wealth” to “people.”
“Invigorate people, vivify trade!” This is our mission.We value our encounters with diverse people inside and outside the company and are committed to leveraging distribution as the “stage” for delivering products and services that vivify and inspire.

President, Yutaka Onishi

Company Plan

“Each sunrise will bring new change”.

Every day, every month, in every turn and every corner,
we move forward with new determination and goals driven from each actions and its outcomes


“Invigorate people, vivify trade”.

We promise to leverage distribution as a “stage” that connects a diverse range of people
and delivers exhilarating products and services that vivify and inspire.

No matter how the world changes, benefiting the community will continue to be the seed that drives us.