Company Information


Overview of consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending February 2021

Fiscal year ending February 2021

Net sales

JPY 33,939 million

(88.6% year-on-year)

Ordinary income

JPY -365 million

(down JPY 523 million

 from the previous year)

Composition of net sales by corporation(in million JPY)

ONISI, Ltd. 
Settlement of Accounts ended
February 28 2021

Summary of balance sheet

(In million JPY)

Account Amount
Current assets 7,102
Fixed assets 14,756
 Tangible assets 6,743
 Intangible assets 132
 Investments and other assets 7,880
Total assets 21,858
Account Amount
Current liabilities 2,643
Non-current liabilities 2,455
Shareholders’ equity 16,618
 Capital stock 100
 Capital surplus 200
  Capital reserve 200
 Retained earnings 16,318
  Legal reserve of retained earnings 225
 Other retained earnings 16,093
Valuation, translation adjustments and others 141
 Net unrealized gains on securities 141
Total liabilities and net assets 21,858

Summary of income statement

(In million JPY)

Account Amount
Operating revenue 2,375
Gross operating profit 2,167
Selling, general and administrative expenses 2,075
Operating income 91
Non-operating income 213
Non-operating expense 96
Ordinary income 209
Income before income taxes 209
Corporate, resident and business taxes (8)
Adjustment to corporate taxes 63
Net income 154